Prayer Resources


A Prayer For Protection  

Prior to participating in any form of ministry, we encourage the praying of a prayer for protection. Even praying this out over ourselves and our family at the start of every day is something we try to do. In a loving and thriving relationship with the Great Protector and Provider, the process of going to Him for daily bread -- manna for today, like His mercies, it's new every morning.  It's all about the God you're praying to more than the actual prayer itself. Use any variation and tailor it to what works for you. 


A Prayer To Be Set Free (Cutting Free Prayer)

After ministry, we practice praying a prayer to be set free, a "cutting free" of things we may have picked up while ministering.  We have personally experienced much of the effects of attached "residue" from ministering and the power and faithfulness He places in the cutting free prayer. Tailor the prayer to what works for you.  


Checklist: Do I Need Inner Healing?

Do you need inner healing?  Here is a checklist to assess where you are.  Prayerfully read it and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you.  He is faithful, gentle and kind and will lovingly bring to light the truth of your needs as well as His heart to bless you with healing and freedom from the poisons of your past.


Receiving Prayer

Are you interested in praying with us for healing?  Here's how to get started.  Email us at  We'll send you an intake form, pray over the completed form, and contact you to set up an appointment for receiving prayer.