I have told the glad news of deliverance in the great congregation; behold, I have not restrained my lips, as you know, O Lord. I have not hidden your deliverance within my heart; I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation; I have not concealed your steadfast love and your faithfulness from the great congregation.
— (Psalm 40:9, 10 ESV)

I am my beloveds...and he is mine...

Healing Grace Ministries has led me on a journey of defeating lies, and seeing the truths instead. In one of my favorite sessions, I was led to cut unhealthy soul ties from the previous romantic relationships. This was a particularly memorable session smothered with such overwhelming Father heart of God. The session brought me back to a memory from my twenties when I was invited to visit a Buddhist temple with my boyfriend, his mom, and his sister. The relationship was quite serious by then, so his mom wanted her family priest to meet me and give me a Buddhist name following the tradition. We all sat down in the priest’s room, and after a short chat, he began chanting and counting beads in his hand to ‘receive’ my Buddhist name. After a minute or so into the chanting, the string holding the beads broke, dropping the pieces of beads onto the floor. My experience and memory of this incident was a horrifying one. It was, so I thought, the ultimate rejection by Buddha who refused to give me a name, and I was terrified by what this meant for my acceptance into the boyfriend’s family. But when I shared this incident during the Healing Grace session, the Lord revealed what really happened that day. As I was describing the priest’s chanting I heard God shouting “No! She’s mine!”, and He broke the beads! As my heart jumped joyfully at the revelation of what those fallen beads really meant, I noticed the prayer ministers’ faces lit up as they were seeing the truth too. We had a wonderful (and tearful) moment of praising God’s jealous and passionate heart for His beloved. God showed me that the author of this ‘rejection story’ of mine was not Buddha or the priest, but Himself. He showed me that it was in fact not a rejection story, but it was a protection story, in which He claimed me as His own, not to be named or accepted by any others than Himself. The story of the fallen beads has since been a precious seal of His zealous love in my heart.


my grace is sufficient for you . . . 

Going into HGM training, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I was interested in being equipped in prayer ministry for others. As I prayed for God's direction leading up to the class, He revealed through a dream a repressed memory of being molested when I was about 5 or 6. Instinctively, I brushed it aside and passed it off as mere imagination. Even if it was real, what would be the point of uncovering something so long in the past?

Peter and Sunny did a wonderful job leading the class with the help of the Holy Spirit. I was super blessed and began to understand the healing heartbeat of Abba Father and gained invaluable insight to the biblical, spiritual, and practical tools necessary to administer healing prayer for others and myself. I received a lot of inner healing on family relationships and witnessed transformative experiences from classmates. 

It wasn't until after the class that I mustered the courage to privately ask for prayer from HGM Prayer Ministers on the memory the Lord had gently revealed prior to this journey of healing. During the session, God used the prayer ministers to walk me through what I was unable to fully understand or properly put in words as a child. I had felt abandoned by my earthly father who was supposed to be watching me that day, made unclean by the man who had molested me, unprotected, and rendered worthless. From an early age, I developed an intense mistrust of people, sexual awakening in the form of masturbation, guilt, shame, and the need to build walls in an effort to protect myself.

“'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). God didn't uncover the past to cause further pain, but to bring full healing and restoration to the deeper root places of my heart I couldn't reach. I am so grateful for how He is desiring to clean house within me so that I no longer have to carry scars into my relationship with Him or others. While true vulnerability remains a daily challenge, I know that God desires to gently kiss the pain away in those raw, vulnerable places as He calls me Child, Daughter, Beloved, Crowned, Pure and Spotless Bride - even when I feel messy and at my absolute worst. 


he grafted me in . . .

"Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, his blood poured out on the altar of the Cross, we’re a free people—free of penalties and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free!" (Ephesians 1:7-8 MSG)

I grew up in church and lived all my life thinking that I've had a pretty good life. I had a nurturing family and did not experience noticeable trauma or suffering. Though I knew God was calling me into His works of healing, I sensed a distance and a tad bit of jealousy when I read and heard countless stories of healing and freedom people experienced. I went on to understand "healing" academically and trained in mental health research. I joined Healing Grace Ministries out of curiosity and desire to merge my prayer life with professional interest. I was not sure what areas of my life could be healed for.

One day, it was my turn to receive prayers as part of the practicum, and I shared my frustration over checking social media before going to bed. Even though it's for a few minutes, I sensed a destructive effect it had on me. This confession for my needs for prayer turned out to be a starting point for something deeper from which God wanted to free me completely. The root cause of my online behavior was linked to a moment my family and I separated internationally before I went off to college. I've rationalized how normal it was to be an adult by 18 years old, take on responsibilities, and just deal with the pain of family separation. Despite my rationalization, I caught myself bursting into tears occasionally (even 10 years later!) out of sadness and grief of not having my family around. 

Led by the Holy Spirit, for the first time in my life, I confessed that I felt disappointed by the way my parents handled the separation and I forgave them for abandoning me all of the sudden. Family separation due to college education made perfect sense, but I had to deal with their sudden departure in an emotional level. I gave Jesus my feelings of grief, sadness, loneliness, and tendencies to compartmentalize my feelings. As I continued to receive prayers, God showed me a tree of grief that was deeply rooted in the soil of my heart. God uprooted that tree entirely and threw it away. Then, he grafted me -- a little twig -- into the tree of Christ, symbolizing that I am part of His body. I receive nutrients from Him and He is writing my story. I no longer have to rely on filling my loneliness with others' stories. In the meantime, King Jesus Christ is inviting me to spend time with Him and He provides everything I need! He changed my tears of sorrow into tears of joy. He wanted me to experience first hand His immense power of healing, even though I rationalized for so long that I'd probably experience less of it because of my relative lack of traumatic experiences. Yet, Jesus made a point that I experience His power of healing so that I know what it means to claim my joy despite having seemingly insurmountable weaknesses, trials, and traumas in life. The love He showed on the Cross covers everything. I am humbled that He chose me to experience the abundance of freedom and intimacy with Him, so that I can be a channel to others for healing.


I am among the fruit of their incredible work . . .

Peter and Sunny were instrumental in the inner healing God has worked in my life and in the way inner healing is now a large part of my ministry. They were the pioneers of healing for ODPC when I was the lead pastor, and were absolutely catalytic in the way they shared their lives, prayed for healing, and ministered to our congregation. HGM was the logical extension of what they were already doing in the church, and this ministry has raised up an entire army of healers and intercessors. I praise God for Peter, Sunny and their ministry. I am among the fruit of their incredible work.

Dihan Lee - Renew Church LA

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit . . . 

I met Peter and Sunny right around the time when I was looking into various places to receive more training in the areas of healing and deliverance. My desire was to help others who were in need, not necessarily to receive healing for myself. However, as I began to go through HGM's training, the Lord started to bring dramatic healing and deliverance in various areas of my life that were hidden under layers for many years. I honestly came to the training with a lot of pride and confidence and not recognizing my brokenness and the need for much healing. I'm very thankful that Jesus not only sympathized with my brokenness but had a plan to make me whole through HGM.

One of many valuable lessons that I have received through HGM's training is the posture of waiting on the Holy Spirit. It's been a slow learning process for me to realize the concept of "not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit." (Zech. 4:6) and learn to patiently wait for His wisdom and revelation.

From ashes to beauty, it is has been an amazing journey of healing in Jesus who desires to use broken people such as I am, to heal others. I am very thankful for Peter and Sunny for their heart filled with love, grace, and humility, to "bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners." (Isa.61:1) I feel very humbled and privileged to be able to journey with them to release the healing grace of Jesus in this very broken world.

Josh Bae

It was one of the sweetest moments I had with Jesus . . .

During our Level 3 training, we were "practicing" praying that the resurrected body of Jesus would enter us and heal all systems of our body. As the prayer ministers laid their hands on me, I kept imagining myself falling. I've had an irrational fear of falling, especially after breaking my leg several years ago. I closed my eyes and kept imagining myself fall in different situations, but in each image, I would fall and land in the embrace of Jesus. It was one of the sweetest moments I had with Jesus, but I had forgotten about until recently. I went to a roller skating rink with some friends and skated around for several hours. On my way home, I realized that I no longer had that intense nauseating fear of falling and injuring myself. Hallelujah.

Jennifer H.

He is so alive today, and He heals!

I received a tremendous healing work in my heart during my Level 2 training class. I had suffered every type of abuse as a child, including sexual abuse. I had kept a lot of those memories hidden deep within my heart for years because of shame, guilt, and fear. It wasn't until college that God started to heal me of my past pains. This process took over a couple of years and multiple healing sessions. During our class' practicum, God brought up another memory and at this point, I was so tired of having to pray through my wounds of sexual abuse. I thought I had gotten rid of most of it! But God knows my heart and more than that, he longed to heal me COMPLETELY. So my team graciously prayed with me and alongside of me through my pains, weeping with me as I repented and forgave. At the end, they prayed for the resurrected body of Jesus Christ to heal every mental system in my body and my broken sexuality. As the prayer minister was closing the session in prayer, I just felt the weights of shame and guilt completely gone! Then I burst into laughter from the joy of the Lord because I had no shame, none at all! I could say that this abuse happened to me but I didn't feel burdened by it! I was completely healed and set free from the effects of those wounds! All I can say is Praise Jesus. He is so very alive today and he heals!

Cindy R.

Nothing is impossible for and with Him.

After I prayed with the prayer ministers at Healing Grace, I truly felt that some of the biggest rocks that were lodged in my heart since childhood were blasted and healed. I shared about my prayer experience with my family and realized that I could talk about the past without the usual weeping and pang of pain that would normally supplement my memories. Since the day we prayed, the Lord meets me so closely and His presence is thick. He set His banners over me, several new labels like 'So unique. Intricate. God's love. Friend of God. Held. Sheltered. Vessel of Joy.' and many more, and then to help me TRULY know how loved I was and to completely heal me from the pain that I experienced from my childhood. Nothing is impossible for and with Him.


I was able to see Jesus' heart . . .

I had the opportunity to go through the training on how to become a prayer minister through Healing Grace Ministries. I began this journey with the intentions of learning how to minister to people better. But, what I received in return was far more valuable. Through the lectures and practicums, the Lord highlighted areas in my life in which I still carried anger and resentment. They were memories from my past that I had not thought about for years, but God resurfaced them for a reason. Through the prayer times, I was able to see Jesus' heart for me through these difficult periods. He ministered to me in the most surprising ways and I was left changed and renewed! I am so grateful for these training classes and the insights that the Lord revealed through them.


I had changed . . .

I have been a Christian for most of my life. I was raised in the church, knew how to walk the walk and talk the talk. But, until my prayer session with Healing Grace Ministries, I didn't realize the freedom and victory that God desires for us to walk in. For years, I had been carrying bitterness and wounds from past relationships. I had learned to cope or even hide my anger, but if you scratched the surface, it was there. Through my prayer session, I was able to surrender to God this anger that had been plaguing my heart. In return, He gave me a renewed love and grace for those that had hurt me. They might not have changed, but I had changed. No longer was I carrying the burden of my anger.


The Holy Spirit freed me . . .

I had the amazing opportunity to receive healing prayer from Sunny and Peter a few years ago. It was a dark season in my life, without much hope, and in a single hour of beautiful, gentle prayer, the Holy Spirit freed me from past bondages, healed me of deep wounds, and restored hope in a life-changing way. They are an anointed and powerful prayer team! Highly recommend!


No depths to which He will not go . . .

Serving with Healing Grace, I have the honor of witnessing the willingness of God to go deeper with us each day, uncovering areas of darkness and bringing new layers of healing. As He extends the invitation to partner with him, to agree with him for the loosing of chains and rebuilding of broken lives, I am consistently touched by His love and spurred on to hope for greater healing in my life and in the lives of those I encounter. Each prayer session is a reminder that there are no measures of His great love for us, no depths to which He will not go to see His children restored.

HGM Prayer Minister

Our God is a God of healing . . .

I have had the privilege of working with Healing Grace for a few years now. During this time, I've seen lives transformed through the grace of God. What the Lord has shown me during this time is how big a God He is. He desires to do much more for us than what we so often settle for. So many times, we as Christians just feel like we have to 'grin and bear it' or just endure the wounds from our past. But the Lord has shown me through Healing Grace that we don't have to live with the pain. Our God is a God of healing, restoration, and transformation. Praise the Lord for the victorious life He desires for us to walk into. I am so grateful for Healing Grace Ministries and its heart to show the love of our Father.

HGM Prayer Minister

How beautiful and creative is our God . . .

Before encountering Healing Grace Ministries, I had lived my whole Christian life believing in so many lies that the enemy planted in my mind and thoughts over the years. During one major prayer session over my own self worth and marriage, several deep-seated lies were exposed when I confessed that I had believed the lie that I was not worthy enough to receive God’s complete, perfect and unconditional love over me. As an extension of this lie, I also believed that if God had truly loved me, He would have supplied a godlier spouse rather than the wounded, shattered person I had been living with for the past years.

Through several prayer sessions and levels of training, I was able to go through the process of “peeling off” layers of painful memories and wounds that had festered over a lifetime. With visions and words of complete truth spoken over me through prayer anointed by the Holy Spirit, I felt renewed and reborn again. How beautiful and creative is our God during times of healing, especially in the most painful memories.

Yes, I was definitely fearful during this long process and I knew it would be a long journey toward healing but now, nearly two years later, I can say that I live more freely than I have ever lived. Through Healing Grace Ministries, I have been enabled to view and love others, including my spouse, in ways that would totally have never corresponded with my character before. I am so incredibly thankful to God and the work that Peter and Sunny are doing through HGM, they are truly working as physicians of the spiritual realm, bringing relief and healing to those wounds that cannot be seen and so easily buried. I once wrote a review for a chiropractor after a car accident, I ended the review by proclaiming that people struggling with back pain could live pain free if they were willing to have spinal readjustments by this practitioner. I want to share the same message here, except an even better promise of a transformational and complete healing by our perfect, loving and eternal Abba Father. You don’t have to live in pain anymore . . .


So grateful for this new found freedom!

When my daughter was first born, her delivery was traumatic and frightening for us as a family. At the time, we didn't know if she was going to be healthy or normal. Since that time, she has thrived and grown into a healthy child. But the memory of her delivery has always plagued me with pain and bitterness. I was angry at everyone the doctors, nurses, God and mostly myself. Through my prayer session with Sunny and Peter, I was able to let go of the disappointment and sadness during that time. I did not realize the effect that this memory had held over me and how it had impacted how I saw my daughter. To this day, I cannot properly identify what was released from this prayer session but I do know that I left changed. When I think back to that time, it no longer feels dark and painful. Instead, I see God's sovereign protection and grace over my daughter. So grateful for this new found freedom!


Just come messy and just as you are . . .

I had two prayer ministers in the Healing Grace Ministries lead me into a time of healing prayer session. All I can say is that God is truly good. There were many things that the Holy Spirit wanted to reveal to me which I did not want to know or even deal with, and it was painful that I had to even confess it, but His kindness and gentleness was what lead me into a time of true confession and repentance. Soul ties have been severed and broken forever in Jesus name. All the lies of the enemy that have been creeping up on me have been rebuked and renounced! I was able to forgive many people in my life who have deeply hurt and wounded me. I experienced so much freedom and peace and loads of burdens were lifted off my shoulders. The memories of the past no longer haunted or traumatized me. HGM not only prayed over me but taught me how to pray with power and authority, declaring and confessing truth over who I am, and rebuking/renouncing the enemies in His name for we are given the authority to do so! Jesus reminded me that He is a lover of our souls and He deeply loves us and cares about our condition! He so longs and loves to heal anyone who is in desperate need to receive His healing touch. The criteria for coming to Jesus is weariness. Just come messy and just as you are.


He wants us to be willing participants in all of His redemptive work.

From last practicum we had, even before two of the healing prayer class students started to pray for me, I could feel warmth and power coming from their hands. This was definitely the presence of God, specifically the Holy Spirit, and it was so comforting. As they were praying for me, I had a picture/vision of Jesus wanting to open a door, but I was on the other side of the door saying "No" and pushing really hard against the door, and then Jesus seemed sad, maybe even weeping. Then the students asked me to invite Jesus into the door. I proceeded to invite Him in, and then I had picture of Jesus with a broom sweeping up the floor of this room, and I think the room symbolized my heart, and it was a mess and so cluttered, one really couldn't even see the bottom of the floor, so much was junk piled up there. When I got home I journaled about this prayer session and will continue to pray to God to clean up my heart. This picture definitely makes one realize that God is good and that He does want to heal our hearts and make us whole. Jesus has so many sides, He can be such a gentleman - He does seem to ask our permission before entering into the depths of ourselves, our hearts and minds. He wants us to be willing participants in all of His redemptive work.