Recent Events

Healing Grace @ PTSD Training 

May 30-31

Healing Grace Ministries has seen the Lord move in hundreds of lives with His merciful touch and continues to do so. It is our absolute pleasure to partner with the Lord to release healing to the broken hearted and see Him do it in the most creative of ways in our healing prayer sessions. Prayer ministers recognize that the best way to “lead” a prayer session is to simply listen, love and pray. But, we also recognize that we need further training in areas that are more complex and less familiar, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD clients include combat veterans, first responders, victims of sex trafficking--anyone who has experienced extreme physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.

Over the past several years, Healing Grace has increasingly seen the need to train our prayer ministers in this area so that we can more effectively minister to our clients and to be a resource for other organizations who are seeking out our support for restoration. HGM prayer ministers have a wonderful opportunity to receive PTSD training from Fr. Nigel Mumford and his staff (By His Wounds ministry) in Virginia Beach, VA at the end of May 2014.

All our prayer ministers are volunteers, so we would like to cover the costs for the training and travel and lodging expenses. Our goal is to raise $3500 for the training.  We invite you to INVEST in this opportunity to build up our prayer team as we look to expand our capacity and scope in bringing healing to the DMV region.  Thank you in advance for your support!  

UPDATE:  Six HGM prayer ministers attended the weekend PTSD training.  We received training on how to host a Welcome Home Initiative and got a chance to meet and learn from combat veterans who have gone through the healing process.  Next step is to make contact with local organizations that provide support for people who suffer from PTSD and offer our help in the process of restoration.  If you know anyone suffering from PTSD and would benefit from healing prayer, please send them our way.   We want to make a difference -- one person at a time.  Thank you for your prayers and donations!


Healing Grace @ Virginia Tech

March 21-23

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Healing Grace took a team of nine to pray for the college students at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Spring Retreat. Over the course of the weekend, we prayed for over 20 students in individual prayer sessions and many others during the response prayer times.  For many, it was their first time experiencing healing prayer. He freed them from all kinds of bondages -- trauma, lies and curses. We praise God for all His wonderful works of healing and restoration!