Areas of Ministry

In fulfillment of Healing Grace's mission (to pray, teach and bless in healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit), the scope of our ministry extends to the following areas:


By God's design, we were created to need each other via a community/a corporate body, and prayer is a beautiful expression of filling that need as believers bless and receive prayer from one another.  Healing Grace stands witness to the power that God has placed in prayer, and we have seen what the Holy Spirit can do.   Therefore, we want to pray for as many people as possible!

  • Prayer Appointments:   We hold prayer sessions with individuals by appointment.  Prior to making an appointment, the individual is asked to complete and submit an intake questionnaire.  Afterwards, the prayer sessions are usually led by two to three prayer ministers, and the session lasts for around one and a half to two hours.
  • If you would like to sign up for an appointment, please email us at for an intake form and to schedule a time. Before you do, make sure to read our FAQs to answer your questions. 


Francis MacNutt's book, The Healing Reawakening, covers how although the spread of Christianity in its early stages is attributed to healing the sick and casting out demons, these practices were almost completely lost through the church's life.  Thankfully, God is moving mightily in the area of healing once again, and bringing his truth into magnificent light -- that God's loving heart is to heal, He has the power and authority to heal and He does heal today.  So, we are deeply blessed to participate in the process of spreading the healing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Workshops and Other Studies:   We offer studies and workshops to meet the needs of the inviting organization.   We can tailor the studies to be more introductory or more on the side of hands-on practice and training.
  • Training Prayer Ministers:   As our teachers, CHM's heart was to bless their students to carry the healing message and ministry back to our respective homes.   We lovingly and respectfully model their example.  We want to see healing prayer ministries grow and rise in churches everywhere.  The training we offer is based on the materials and training received from CHM, and we're asking God to raise up people who will join Healing Grace as prayer ministers but also prayer ministers that will take the ministry of healing prayer back to their churches, as well.

Special Events

Retreats, Conferences and other special events are excellent opportunities for people to step away from the grind of the world and to receive from the Holy Spirit, and many Christians hold events such as these as great milestones where their lives shifted significantly in a different direction because of their encounters with the Lord.  When those milestones are marked with healing and freedom, the shift is significant indeed.

  • Mobile Ministry:   When invited to retreats and conferences, Healing Grace brings a team of prayer ministers to offer prayer sessions for attendees.  One and a half to two hour blocks are set aside for appointments and then people meet with us to receive prayer on a voluntary, sign-up basis.
  • Seminars:   We offer seminars on many topics related to the area of the healing prayer ministry.
  • Prayer Ministers:   We serve as prayer ministers to pray with people that respond to altar calls during various Healing Services, revivals, worships, and rallies that we are invited to.


There is a special place in our heart for the mission field, and we believe that the Lord is leading us to this area, as well.

  • Missionary Care:   Missionaries have wounds just like you and me.  However, being on the front lines, those wounds are often magnified or brought to light as missionaries from different backgrounds and culture come together on the mission field.  In the course of mission work, they are also subjected to new wounds by the very people they are trying to minister to.  Healing Grace's heart is to bless the missionaries in order that they might receive from the Lord healing and freedom towards a deeper relationship with God and a more effective ministry in advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • Missionary Training:   Our heart is to see the salvation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ go hand in hand with the healing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- which are definitely one and the same.  The traditional ministry of mission work is to have people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, a hope and promise for eternity.  What if we could train healed missionaries to spread the Gospel and do healing prayer?   Hope and promise for today!