Frequently Asked Questions

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Healing Prayer & Healing Grace Ministries

1.  What is healing prayer?

Healing prayer is the ministry of praying for God's healing.  Jesus didn't come just to save our futures -- what happens to us after we die  --  but He came to save our todays! And that often comes in the form of healing, whether healing is needed in the area of our physical bodies, dealing with habitual sins, deliverance from evil spirits, or even inner or emotional healing. We operate under the idea that there are at least four kinds of healing:

  • physical healing 
  • spiritual healing 
  • deliverance from evil spirits 
  • inner healing -- also known as healing of the emotions or healing of the memories

2.  How does Healing Grace Ministries practice healing prayer?

There are many "flavors" of healing prayer.  For example, in inner healing, there are different models practiced by Theophostic, Elijah House, Plum Line and Sozo. Peter and Sunny, as well as other Healing Grace staff and prayer ministers were trained under or using the same materials from the School of Healing Prayer at Francis and Judith MacNutt's Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville, FL. 


Prayer Sessions

1.  How do I sign up for a prayer session?

We'd love to pray with you.  If you'd like to sign up for prayer, please email and one of our staff will contact you with an intake form and schedule a time.

2. Is inner healing for real?

Inner healing is when Jesus takes memories of our past and heals them from the negative effects that may still impact our daily lives.  The idea of Jesus showing up in a memory may sound strange.  We're bound by time where we are caught in a beginning, middle, and end.  But God is not.  God is not bound by time. And He can appear in our memories because He is God, all omnipotent and omnipresent. Sometimes, we may see a vision of Jesus within a particular memory.  For some, they may see a white light.  For others, they may not see a vision, but get an overwhelming sense of peace -- Jesus' presence in the memory. And when Jesus shows up, He brings His truth and light to that particular memory by removing the poison and ministers healing in His creative way. 

3. I had a healing prayer session. What now?

  • Journal.  We strongly encourage journaling.   It helps you to remember as it not only preserves the details of your prayer sessions including the emotions, revelations, and truths brought forth.  Pray through the details of your healing throughout the following weeks and thank Jesus for what He's done. 
  • Enjoy it. God's blessing of healing comes simply because he loves you.  Receive that love.  As you do, please understand that healing is not the "end game."  We would lose out on so much if we said, "Thanks for the healing, God.  I'll now be on my way, see you later."  Instead, God uses healing to draw us deeper in our relationship with Him.  He longs for us to go deeper with Him.  Healing is great, but having God is better.  No gift is greater than the giver. 
  • Find a good support group.  Usually your church, a body of believers who can receive and bless your experiences from your prayer session and trek with you through the followup and next stages of your walk. 
  • Get into the Word and pray.  This is not suggested from a place of striving!  You never want to be in a place where the emphasis is on performance or your reading of the Word a way of earning or paying for the blessings you received from healing prayer.  You simply get into the Word and pray, because these are two major ways of interacting and going deeper with God. 
  • Share your testimony.  By God's design, we grow and thrive in community.  And God gives us the honor of blessing others as we share about what God has done in our lives.  Share!  Make Jesus famous! 

4. Do I still need to take my medication or keep going to counseling?

We hold strongly to the belief that as much as God uses prayer and grants miracles, God also uses medicine and counseling.  Prayer and healing should not be pitted against medicine and counseling.  Ask the Holy Spirit.  If you so choose, please stop medication/counseling only under the direction and care of your doctor and/or counseling professional.


Soaking Prayer

When we provide a soaking room, we'll have soft worship music in the background. and invite individuals to come and spend some time in the room.  

1. What is soaking prayer?

Soaking prayer is, just as the name implies, a time of prayer where you soak.  We soak in the presence of God while practicing two very important disciplines: silence and listening.

2.  What happens during a soaking time?

This is a time to listen to what God has to say to receive kind, gentle and loving ministry of the Holy Spirit.  To some, God may show visions or mental pictures, or He may grant you words of love and life impressed gently on your heart.  To others, He may grant you much needed rest and peace.  We'll have prayer ministers on hand to silently prayer over you.  They won't speak to you or ask for prayer requests.

3. What do I do in a soaking room?

This is your time with God.  Get comfortable.  Then wait.  Practice silence and be in a posture toward the Lord with your heart in a posture of receiving.  As you spend time soaking, feel free to read scripture and to journal what you receive.  If you nod off or fall asleep, be free from any guilt.  Please note, this isn't the time for loud intercession or even urgent pleadings.  Please refrain from talking to other individuals in the room or with the prayer ministers.  

4. I'm not getting anything. What should I do?

Yes, seek God with all your heart, soul and mind, but leave the results up to Him.  The discipline of hearing from the Lord takes time.  If you're really not getting anything, you can ask the Holy Spirit, "God, I've got some blockage.  I want to receive from you, but I don't think I'm getting anything.  Please show me why."  From this, He may bring up things that need to be dealt with or surrendered.  If you still feel you're not hearing, feel free to raise a hand.  Our prayer ministers will come and pray behind or beside you. They will give you a gentle tap to let you know they're there, and pray for you silently.

Please contact us with questions you don't see here.