What is Healing Prayer?

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Psalm 147:3

Healing prayer is the ministry of praying for God's healing.  Jesus didn't come just to save our futures -- what happens to us after we die  --  but He came to save our todays! And that often comes in the form of healing, whether healing is needed in the area of our physical bodies, dealing with habitual sins, deliverance from evil spirits, or even inner or emotional healing. We operate under the idea that there are at least four kinds of healing:

  • physical healing 
  • spiritual healing 
  • deliverance from evil spirits 
  • inner healing -- also known as healing of the emotions or healing of the memories

inner healing 

Like it or not, admit it or not -- wounds from our past have an impact on who we are today. We can choose to bury our wounds, but those wounds when buried are buried alive -- and buried alive, they never die. Even worse, wounds that are not transformed by Jesus are inevitably transmitted to other people.

Inner healing is when Jesus takes the memories of our past and heals them from the effects of those emotional wounds that still remain and impact our daily lives. We can ask Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, to go back to the time when the hurt occurred and heal us from the painful emotions and trauma that we have experienced. Jesus won’t change our memories or make us forget our memories, but He can drain from us the poison of past hurts and resentments. He can fill with His love all those places in us that have so long been empty and set us free from the effects of those memories that have a hold on us today.

Prayer Sessions

We hold pray sessions with individuals by appointment. Prior to making an appointment, the individual submits a completed intake form, which allows us to review the information and pray for the individual prior to the appointment. Afterwards, the prayer sessions are usually led by two to three prayer ministers and lasts for around 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

In the prayer session, we do not counsel or offer personal advice or good ideas. Our job as prayer ministers is to listen, love and pray. As we listen to the individual’s story, we also listen to the Holy Spirit to hear what He wants to do and how He wants to lead the prayer session. We love with the love of Jesus because our love is not that great. Jesus’ love is a love that is free from judgments or opinions, full of kindness, acceptance, mercy and grace. 

Often through our sins, wounds and traumas,the enemy lies to us to keep us isolated and in a place of defeat. He’ll tell us we’re too far gone, past the reaches of God’s love and healing, leaving us to cope with our shame and woundedness. But we’ve seen God do some glorious works of healing and freedom.

We hold confidentiality in very high regard. The intake form that’s submitted is purged after the prayer session, and everything that’s shared in the prayer session is held in strict confidence within the ministry. You’re safe to share whatever the Holy Spirit brings up in the session.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions